” Krasnodar metallurgical complex”, LLC – is one of the largest enterprises on territory of the CIS, that is specialized on producing of the steel enameled cookware, transfer decalcomania, and also plastic and mechanical rubber goods for the needs of railway transport.

On the base of production capacities of  “КМК”, LLC the enameled cookware is produced already more than 40 years.

Powers of plant allow to produce  about 6 thousand tones of cookware and 1,1 million sheets of decalcomania per year.


The steel enameled cookware is produced from the high-quality metal of 0,65 -1,2 mm thickness, covered by two layers of heatproof enamel. For the production of cookware  ecologically safe coloured enamels are used such enamels provide high corrosive firmness.

Such coating is proof to abrasion and rust , it does not enter into co-operating with food, reliably protects your meal from negative influence of  a metal. And it means that it  is possible not only to prepare  but also keep  food in this cookware.

Today  “Krasnodar metallurgical complex”, LLC produces more than 150 names of cookware. The assortment of the enameled cookware is varied and different in forms, colours, decorative design and corresponds to the queries of consumers of different target audiences. Our enterprise renews the assortment of products regularly, taking into account the individual wishes of customers and market tendencies.

Quality certificates

All produced products have the Russian quality certificates and conforms to the state hygienic requirements and norms.

Competitive advantages

On the base of enterprise production capacities the enameled cookware is produced more than 40 years. Nowadays we save traditions of production of the enameled cookware and improve quality of the products every day. Experience and innovations give to the products of “Krasnodar metallurgical complex”, LLC variety of advantages:
  • wide choice of sets with the various colors of enamel and decor
  • biggest assortment of saucepan’s volumes at the market of the enameled cookware;
  • workshop of transfer decal, that allows to produce cookware with an individual design;
  • optimal balance of price and quality.


Nowadays  more than 60% of the produced products realized for export. Our products are presented in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenia, Kirghizia, Tadjikistan, Armenia, Moldova, Belorussia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.