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More than 40 years of  experience, traditions and quality in the production of the enameled cookware

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"Krasnodar metallurgical complex", LLC - produce more than 150 names of the enameled cookware. The assortment of the enameled tableware is varied and different in shapes and colours , design and corresponds to the queries of consumers of different target audiences.

We will help you not only to make an order, but also we will produce products taking into account individual customer wishes

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Enameled cookware advantage


Enamel coating protects your meal from negative influence of metal, bacterial growth is impossible on the smooth enamel surface.


Such tableware is suitable for cooking, storage of the prepared meal, serving of table and carrying foodstuff.


Enamel coating does not absorb products smell and doesn’t give its own smell to dishes.


Enamel ware can be used on all types of heat sources: gas, electric and ceramic cookers, washed by hand or in a dishwasher.


The various colors of enamel and wide choice of decals are used. Individual attention to a client at the stage of design development.

Recent news

The Krasnodar metallurgical complex presented new products in Kyiv

The Krasnodar metallurgical complex presented 24 new sets of the enameled tableware in Kyiv on the International exhibition “ПРИМУС: АМБИЕНТЕ UKRAINE”.

From 28 to 30 of September  the International exhibition   “Primus : Ambiente UKRAINE” took place i n Kyiv. This largest and most prestige specialized event in Ukraine, that annually get together  the key players of tableware and household market.

“It was three very productive days. In fact we do not only demonstrate our samples but we make deals. individual attention to every client is extremely important in  our work . It is important to listen to their wishes, plans, reviews. And only  personal contact with our traders makes it possible. Today Ukranian market for us is of high priority, that’s why we are going to widen our customer base in Ukraine”, – Sergey Matveichuk,  commercial director of  КМС,LLC  told.

Besides of sets of cookware (new and already favorite to our clients), КМК presented on the exhibition  new  catalogue of products.

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Krasnodar Metallurgical Complex took part in the International specialized exhibition HouseHold Expo

In Moscow the XVI International specialized exhibition HouseHold Expo and VI International Exhibition Stylish Home took place on 15 -17 of September.

This is one of the largest B2B- events at markets of cookware, household goods, textiles and home furnishings. In Moscow, employees of KMC presented 24 sets of enamelware decorated with decal of its own design and production. And such sets as “Broccoli”, ” The country of tulips”, “Graceful” were  introduced to Russian and foreign traders for the first time. In production they started only in late September – October, but for the international exhibition was made one copy.

“Participation in such major events gives us the opportunity, first of all, to demonstrate our products to customers. In addition, it is an excellent platform to expand the market and find new customers. Our products are in demand almost the entire territory of the CIS. International exhibitions help us to understand the cookware market trends , design trends, and consumer preferences. All of this is taken into account by our experts in the development of new products “, – says Eleanora Kovalenko, head of marketing department of KMC. For 3 days, the exhibition stand of KMC was visited by over 140 existing and potential customers and partners.

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Krasnodar metallurgical complex increased the salaries of employees

From September 2015 wages of all employees of the Krasnodar Metallurgical Complex increased by 13.4%.

Wage indexation to employees of KMC according to collective agreement was scheduled January1.2016. “The collective agreement provides KMC indexation of wages of employees in accordance with the schedule and to achieve the parameters of a regional agreement.

Previous indexation of the company was held in July 2015, it was 4.1%.Increase of the  income level of  our enterprise employees in the future is a priority for us, “- said General Director of” KMC “Pavel Osiyuk. In September, the planned average KMC salary will be about 18 thousand rubles.

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Day of first- grade pupil at КМC

On September, 5, 2015 responsible executives  of КМC organized a journey to the unique zoo under open-skies for the children of employees.

27 children of employees  start school this year. Responsible executives of КМC organized for new first-grade pupils and their parents a journey to unique natural reserve park of lions  “Тaigan”.

Welcoming future first-grade pupils  and their parents, the  general director of  “The Krasnodar metallurgical complex”,LLC  Pavel Osiyuk marked: ” We are very glad that  to make kids happy, they spent not only wonderful  and eventful day but also got new knowledge that certainly will be highly sought at school . We congratulate all schoolchildren and their parents sincerely! Let a school way be easy and interesting for you !”

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KMC received the highest award of the International competition “The best goods and services – GEMMA”

At the end of April at the Great Hall of the Novosibirsk Region Government took place a XIII  ceremony awarding the winners of the international competition “The best goods and services – GEMMA” summarizing the results of the year 2014.

Krasnodar Metallurgical Complex was awarded the highest award – the Golden Statuette GEMMA. Every year the competition takes place in several stages: appreciation of the goods at the level of the Federal District, and then – at a national level. As a result of competition Krasnodar Metallurgical Complex was awarded a gold medal of elimination round and the highest award – golden statuette “GEMMA” 2014.

“The participation in the competition, receiving a gold medal and the highest award of the contest – golden statuette” GEMMA ” is a very important event for us. The award of such a high level will stimulate us to keep our  product quality on a high level  and inspires new ideas and developments, as well as opening up new possibilities and future development of the enterprise “, – said in a letter of thanks to The Organizing Committee KMC CEO Pavel Osiyuk .

In the expert estimation of quality take part only professionals, having accreditation and licenses of state standard. Expert committee composition is formed from leading specialists and experts of different spheres of activity.

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The Krasnodar metallurgical complex increased a salary to the employees

Since March, 2015 to all employees of the Krasnodar metallurgical complex a salary will be raised in a size from 5% to 29%, depending on the specific of work and qualification category.

The maximal increase of salary in size of 29% is envisaged for workers busy in a basic technological process such as  machine-operators, adjusters, punch press operators the amount of that makes 26% from the general quantity of personnel of enterprise.

The increase of salary is similarly envisaged for another category of workers – enamelers of cookware- the amount of that makes 13,3% from a general quantity. For this category of employees from March  a rise in wages is envisaged in size of 20% taking into account the qualification category of worker.

To the workers that is busy at maintenance of basic productive process, a salary will raised on 5%.

“Today our enterprise is one of few in Crimea, with a stable productive process and providing on time payment of salary. It is important for us not only to save this stability, but also to expand the market.  Exactly this will allow to improve quality of life of our employees.

Specialists whose salary was raised are basis of our production, quality of the products depends on their work – the general director of  “КМС”, LLC Pavel Osiyuk said.

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