We use low-carbon

cold rolled steel

in 0,65-1,5 mm thickness

The double layer of glass enamel provides

a high resistance to corrosion at a contact

with food products, provides

sanitaryness and longevity

Contemporary design

Wide choice of colors

of enamel from bright

to light-colored tones

Wide range

of used decals

Plastic furnishing for the steel

enameled cookware is produced by

a molding method on automatic

molding machines and pressing

on a press equipment with the use

of different types of plastics.

The edges of ware sides and lids

are protected by a rim from

stainless steel or covered

by a side enamel

The form of the profiled

handles and plastic furnishing

provides a comfort in the use

Ceramic decalcomania is made

by the stenciled method

We use special ceramic paints

Gummed paper is covered with

lacquer coating